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Born on March 15, 1942 in Croatia, Peter Vunic, a fully committed humanist who is also interior designer/decorator and artist, specializing in portraiture.

His commitment to humanitarian causes motivated him to paint a wide variety of historical figures all of whom have been renowned for their furtherance of humanitarianism, or attained distinction in rebuilding their societies, promoting peace, as well as social equilibrium. Among these were Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Robert Stanfield, John Diefenbaker, Charles De Gaulle, as well as John F. Kennedy, whose bust Mr. Vunic sculpted.

In 1968, a year marked by leaders who were not willing to sit idly on the sidelines while masses of people were denied basic civil and human rights because of the color of their skins, Mr. Vunic (whose original homeland, Croatia, had been ravaged by the horrors of wars throughout history), was deeply moved at the expressions of selfless, courageous leadership, which Marguerite Johnson Maya Angelou personified. Thus was Peter Vunic motivated to portray her on canvas in an effort to capture the essence of her intellect, her unyielding opposition to injustice, and her highly inspiring life, which serves as a testament to the belief that every individual can, and should, make a positive contribution to humankind, particularly where there is oppression, injustice, hatred, and violence.

Mr. Vunic was all the more motivated to capture Maya Angelou on canvas was all the more powerful, in light of the similarities of circumstances in which both were raised. Mr. Vunic lost his father to the struggle to free humanity from the evils of the second WW - thus the horrors of oppression, dominance, violence, racism, and war - at the age of three, was thus raised by his Grandfather.

In 1996, Peter Vunic began musings as to the contribution he could make to humanity, and from the outset writing his own Letter of Understanding, Letter of Intent to establish New Symbol of Peace, a Lilium Flower as inspiration and deterrent to the speakers within socio-political and educational systems. Among very first influences was to inspire his daughter Sabrina, to write series of prize winning poems. In 1999, founded the Canadian Citizens' Movement, which is a movement for peace and greater unity of humankind...


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