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Message from Peter Vunic, Founder and President of the Canadian Citizens Movement


My name is Peter Vunic-- as Founder and President of the Canadian Citizens Movement, I would first of all like to thank you for your presence here.

The Canadian Citizens Movement is a Non Governmental Organization, which seeks to promote peace and peaceful co-existence through mutual respect and understanding of communities, nations and peoples of the world. We are working towards the national and international recognition of the new lilium flower as a Canadian millennium flower and international Symbol of Peace, which is to become the embodiment of our movement for Peace. Thus, this flower, the very embodiment of all that Canadians hold dear--Peace.

Our goal, as expressed by the lilium, a 6 petal Symbol of International Peace, which we hope will be featured at all International Conferences pertaining to the humanitarian, educational and socio-political issues is 6 fold, and is therefore based upon our 6 principles.

We are working towards the establishment of an International Peace Garden Complex, at which floral symbols of every nation would be featured, and at which Peace Conferences would be held, in addition to it being place of celebration for life and unity of peoples and nations. Further to being center for family reunions, national and international weddings, it will promote all languages and cultures and will remind all those who gather to further the cause of peace, the reason for which they are assembled.

The events since Second World War serve to underscore the urgent and pressing need for people all over the world to be brought together so that the understanding engendered by such encounters will serve to encourage others to do likewise, and will lead us to the true international cooperation. It is with that object in mind that we are working towards the establishment of international peace garden where all humanitarians, nobel prize for peace winners and others, will be represented.

We Canadians have long sought to promote peace and justice and prosperity in Canada and around the world, we are therefore confident that our ideas and concepts will bear fruitful results.

Efforts of Canadian Movement for Peace and greater unity of humankind will help build new consensus, so that our goal to bring about the International convention on Universal Peace, will be forthcoming at the dawn of new millennium.

We are therefore confident that people from all regions of the world would recognize that we are furthering their aspirations, as well as those of the Canadian people inasmuch as we are seeking to promote peace, peaceful co-existence, mutual respect and recognition, and above all a peaceful world order respectful of law and the institutions established to safeguard the same. Thus, our efforts will parallel those of the U. N., as well as those of various governments, although we will strive to promote peace vis- a-vis those who espouse war.

Thus, although our movement is similar to the UN inasmuch as it is to be international in scope, we will be composed of individuals whereas the UN is composed of governments, and we will seek the support of such associations (including corporations) who share our vision, and whose support would therefore enable us to promote our objectives as we forge ahead into the new millennium, which, we hope, will herald an era of peace, justice, and prosperity in the four corners of the world.

The International Peace Garden Complex which we are proposing, will also serve as a center for the Humanities i.e; will promote knowledge of human affairs, as well as of the natural sciences - botany, horticulture, geology, evolution, etc - which will be transmitted across the world. Thus, the complex we envisage will serve educational purposes as well.

The complex structure will reflect the 6 principles represented by 6 petals of the Lilium of Peace, and will therefore be comprised of a center block ( reception area ), hall and amphitheatre, surrounded by 6 pavilions each of which will represent a region of the world i.e. North America, Sauth America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania- Australia and the islands in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

In addition to the Garden Complex, we propose that the complex house other non-profit entities, such as: The New Pioneering Movement for Peace & youth corps: Canadian and International Network for Peace; Office for Education and Promotion of World Horticultural Symbols; prizes pertaining to peace as well as sociopolitical, humanitarian, and religious affairs.

Furthermore, we would also cultivate the newly developed white lilium in predominant quantities for the bouquet presentations in the complex and the events in the regions of North America, while 6 pavilions will grow the plants and flowers represented in horticultural symbols from the world regions. Adjacent to the complex, there will be a plantation for the growth of liliums with aromatic qualities, and laboratory for extraction of the flower's perfume which would then be used to produce perfumes, soap, creams, and aromatherapy.

In addition we will also promote liuiums in the world of fashion, so that it would be featured on clothes etc. subject to sponsorship licensing, patent, and/or copyright regulations.

We will also seek sponsorship from all governments of the World, and will encourage Canadians to take out memberships in the Canadian Citizens Movement. To that end we will establish the Friends of the Garden Society.

We therefore invite all those present today, and of course, those who have occasion to hear our message, to join us in the pursuit of those goals, as without your participation, they will be difficult, if not impossible, to attain. So we say, as the dawn of the millennium approaches, let us work together in order to ensure that the new era be one of peace, justice, mutual understanding, and respect for all humankind.

Thank you...!


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